The School

DUALINGO is a nationally recognised bilingual all-day primary school, in which two new first classes are admitted every year. The modern school building offers places for 160 primary school children.

The classes are partially taught in mixed-age groups, so that starting school can be flexible. The girls and boys are taught by both English and French native speakers. A third of all classes are in English or French. These include subjects like Maths, Social Studies and Science, General Knowledge, Art and Music. The basis of what we teach is set out by the Thuringian curriculum. This ensures that the children are prepared for secondary school.

As a supporter of the school, the German Red Cross District Association of Jena-Eisenberg-Stadtroda, makes sure that DUALINGO is a healthy school. We place lots of emphasis on a healthy diet and having sufficient exercise. The Kneipp health concept is integrated in school life.

The idea of setting up bilingual schools dates back to the Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (1919-2000). Trudeau sought to overcome the division in Canada between the English and French-speaking areas. Founded in 2000, a bilingual primary school ( in Barleben (near Magdeburg) is named after him.